CSS Basics

Learn how to take your Web pages from bland to bold with the power of CSS styling.


Have you just begun your journey into Web development? This course will introduce you to the basics of Web design and teach you how to style your Web site for a professional look and feel.

The Microsoft team and experts from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will guide you step-by-step in using the latest Web standards to structure your content and presentation like a professional. In this course, you will explore numerous CSS features to help you control the look and feel of your site such as colors, fonts and layout. By the end of the course, you should understand all the fundamental elements of CSS and how to use them effectively.

It is recommended that you are at least a little familiar with HTML before taking this course, but we will be providing you with the HTML code when necessary.

Length 5 weeks

Effort 5 - 7 hours per week

Price $30 per session

Introductory offer!
Only $10 per session

Partner W3Cx

Level Introductory



Improve your skill set, increase your knowledge and become a certified programmer.

Gain amazing programming skills and create a great career portfolio.

What will be covered?


  1. Getting started with CSS

    • What is CSS?
    • Why is CSS important?
  2. Building CSS rules

    • Why is CSS important?
    • Building a CSS rule
    • Attaching CSS to HTML using selectors
    • Applying styles using CSS properties
  3. Specific HTML targeting with CSS selectors

    • Using HTML classes and IDs
    • CSS pseudo-classes
    • Combining selectors
  4. Layout and positioning

    • The basics of layout
    • Floating elements
    • Relative positioning
  5. Designing your Web site for your audience

    • The basics of design
    • Designing for your audience
    • Why accessibility is important
    • Why internationalization is important
    • Historical Web design trends
    • Current Web design trends

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